About Homework Help

Homework Help was launched in January 2018 and aims to do just that: volunteers help students and pupils with their homework, to gain understanding and confidence so that they can do more on their own.

We cover as many subjects as we can, typically from Year 6 to Upper Sixth Form.

If you have training or experience to higher levels and could spare an hour or two each week in term time, please join the team!

What is Homework Help?

Homework Help consists of a team of volunteers keen to help students and pupils make progress with their understanding of their homework and school work, and build confidence and competence. We aim to help them to take further steps towards achieving their potential, however large or small those steps, and to help make firmer the foundations on which their future builds.

Typically, a student is matched with a suitable volunteer. They may meet in Sedgefield town library or via internet video call (not in private homes). All volunteers are DBS checked.

Help with Maths and English is particularly in demand. If the topic you would like help with is not in the list, contact us anyway and we'll do our best to find someone to help. And if you can offer help in any subject, do please get in touch!


If your subject of interest is not listed, get in touch with us anyway, and we'll do our best to find a helper. We are always on the look-out for more volunteers - the more volunteers there are in the team, the more students and pupils we can help.

  • Maths
  • Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
  • French
  • IT, computer science