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Greener Sedgefield
Greener Energy
Recently, Greener Sedgefield members had a visit from a very enthusiastic and informative Durham County Council recycling assistant to talk about what happens to our recycling, general waste and how to be more efficient in disposing of it. The good news is that on the whole Sedgefield is doing really well.

We discovered however that 95% of recycling bins across the county contain the wrong items, or much worse, things that will lead to contamination, such as dirty nappies or food waste. Around 30% of recycling is contaminated, this is not permitted to join the good recycling, ruining the efforts of others and the chance for it to be useful again.

Your recycling is collected by Biffa and taken to a depot. It's checked for contamination then collected and taken to a processing centre. On a conveyor belt a combination of magnets and sorting by hand takes the good from the bad.

We were relieved to hear that putting the wrong plastic or paper in isn’t a disaster as these are sorted manually at the processing centre. However, the council would like us all to get better at it. The biggest confusion seems to be over plastics, there's so many types and colours. Most plastic bottles, such as for drinks and shampoo, plastic pots like yoghurt and margarine tubs, are all good. However black or dark plastic trays are not processed at the plant. The reason is that plastic can be reused only around 6 times and a dark plastic typically indicates a low grade plastic. Clearly reducing the amount of plastic we use is very important as eventually there will be plastic of no use to dispose of. Glass and tin cans can be recycled indefinitely, so are a good alternative. Everything needs to be clean and preferably loose as it is difficult to see anything inside a bag.

Please take tops off bottles and spray bottles as they cant be collected kerbside, and no hard plastics like children's toys and plastic coat hangers. These can still be recycled, the recycling centre at the tip will happily sort through your plastics and larger metals. Our household waste and rejected recycling is incinerated locally and is used to create enough energy to power 14,000 homes. Nothing harmful is released into the environment and nothing goes to landfill. The remaining product after incineration is used to make the roads we drive on. Following recent news stories of recycling being sent abroad we were assured that the majority of waste is dealt with in the UK and none is exported to countries like Malaysia.

Moving forward, the council will be checking bins for contaminated products. If necessary, they will visit and advise residents. They appreciate it can be confusing, that's why the council have an A to Z online and a good Facebook page, Recycle for County Durham. The main advice from the council is, if it's food or nappies, if you are unsure what plastic it is, don't know somewhere that will take it, just leave it out of the blue bin and pop it in general waste, it’ll be turned into energy so it's not gone to waste.

A big thank you to Lesley Dexter Edmenson of Durham House for accommodating our meeting. Greener Sedgefield can be found on Facebook.
Helen McGill
Every first Sunday of the Month, on the village green, from 8:30am to 12:30pm.

More Local News

Help needed.
Can you help us to fill these pages? We are a very small team and would really like to welcome some new members to our team.

In particular we would like to have someone to look after the diary page and others to write articles or report on events and activities, especially in Bradbury, Mordon and Fishburn. No previous experience is required, but basic IT skills are needed in email, Microsoft Word or Publisher. Please get in touch: 07572 502 904 or sedgefieldnews@hotmail.com

A big thank you to Tony for his contribution over the last few years and to David who has taken over the Neighbourhood Watch Page.
Do you need help funding your studies?
The Trustees of the Sedgefield Charities make a number of awards each year to residents in the Sedgefield area who are taking up full time study beyond A level or its equivalent. Applicants must live in Bishop Middleham, Bradbury, Cornforth, Fishburn, Mordon, Sedgefield or Trimdon.

Application forms and further information can be obtained by contacting the Clerk to the Trustees, John Hannon, at: East House, Mordon, Sedgefield Co.Durham, TS21 2EY. Telephone: 01740 622512, e-mail: east.house@btinternet.com
The closing date for applications is the 15th September, 2019.
Summer Reading Challenge 2019
Sedgefield News Article I would like to introduce the Summer Reading Challenge which will be happening in Sedgefield Library. The Summer Reading Challenge will launch on Saturday 13th July. The theme this year is Space Chase which is inspired by the 50th Anniversary of the first moon landing. There will be challenges, crafts and maybe a party with certificates too. Keep an eye out at the library to find out more.
Katie Burkill
Sedgefield News … from the past
In July 1761 – 250 years ago
An advert in the Newcastle Courant on 4 July 1761 gave notice of a forthcoming sporting contest. A ‘main of cocks’ – a cock-fighting contest - was to take place at William Short’s Pit in Durham City, between cocks owned by the Gentlemen of Durham and the Gentlemen of Sedgefield.

In a cock-fight, the owners place their gamecocks in a cockpit. The cocks then fight until one dies or is critically injured. Handsome prizes were on offer – each contest would attract a prize of 5 guineas, with bigger prizes for cocks that won a number of fights – and a lot of betting would take place. An ancient spectator sport, cockfighting was banned outright in England and Wales with the Cruelty to Animals Act 1835.

In July 1819 – 200 years ago
The Sedgefield Seminary placed notices on various notice-boards and in local papers, confirming that the vacation would end on 21 July. On Sunday 4 July 1819 a Sedgefield draper and grocer, John Eeil, died. He was 29 years old.

In July 1969 – 50 years ago
Speculation was growing about a Cabinet re-shuffle, and what would happen to Joseph Slater, the Sedgefield MP, who had previously served as Parliamentary Private Secretary to Harold Wilson, and for five years had been Assistant Postmaster General, serving Tony Benn and John Stonehouse, amongst others.

If you would like to know more about your local history, visit the Facebook site of Sedgefield Local History Society or come along to one of our meetings.
Martin F Peagam - The Time Traveller - on behalf of Sedgefield LHS
Walking and running for health
More than 182,000 people took part in #GPparkrun Pledge Day on Saturday 1 June to celebrate the first year of the groundbreaking parkrun practice initiative.
Launched in 2018 in collaboration with the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), the parkrun practice initiative sees GP practices joining forces with their local parkrun event to form a link that encourages physical activity and volunteering to be used in improving the health and wellbeing of patients and staff. It is invaluable to have a free, weekly, accessible, community-based local event to recommend to patients.

Sedgefield News Article One year into the initiative, there are now more than 1,200 parkrun practices across the UK, representing more than 10% of all GP practices and Skerne Medical Group is one of these affiliated practices.

To celebrate the anniversary, GP practices were encouraged to pledge their support for #GPparkrunPledge Day, with staff, doctors and patients all taking part together. More than 5,000 general practice doctors, staff and patients pledged their support in advance, and the day itself saw nearly 10,000 additional walkers, joggers and runners participating nationally.
Anyone interested in starting parkrun can register for free at www.parkrun.org.uk. Remember if you don’t want to run you are most welcome to walk or volunteer.
U3A Meet the Author
Organised by the U3A, and as a prelude to the Bookends Literary Festival in October, author Mike O’Neill (pictured) will be visiting Sedgefield Parish Hall at 2pm on Friday 2nd August to discuss his latest best seller, The Resurrection.
Sedgefield News Article Set in Cambridge in the mid 2020s, the Resurrection is a fast-paced mystery in the style of Dan Brown. The story exposes the inner workings of the Catholic Church and corruption within the pharmaceutical industry - and proposes answers to some of mankind’s most profound questions. With a powerful mix of Science and Religion compounded by jealousy and power struggles amongst colleagues this is a real page turner of a book.

Mike O’Neill is a former executive vice president of a Fortune 500 company in the field of Health Sciences. With an educational background in Science, engineering and genetics, he directed the development of instrumentation in DNA and Protein research as well as serving on many Advisory Boards in medical and scientific institutions in both the UK and the USA. Now retired, he travels the world researching content for his books.
Bring Me Sunshine
Bring me sunshine was possibly a plea you made during the middle of June, but now Sedgefield Lyric Singers respond to your request with their summer concert on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th July. Starting at 7:30pm at the Parish Hall, ‘Bring Me Sunshine’ showcases your three local choirs, singing a programme of songs for the summer.

Tickets (£6/£5 U16s) from Tickety Boo, by calling 621196 or through members of the choirs. Do not delay, avoid disappointment by organising yours today - tickets are limited and selling out fast!