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Citizen of the Year 2018
Do you know someone who has made a great contribution to life in Sedgefield over the last year? Then the time has come to nominate them for Citizen of the Year 2018.

The Award is made for ‘exceptional contributions to Sedgefield’ and there must be lots of people you can think of that fit that bill, someone helping to make Sedgefield a great place to live and work. They may be involved in sport, art and music, business, caring for the environment, our children and older folk, voluntary organisations; those looking after the fabric of our community - Churches, Hardwick Park, Ceddesfeld Hall - the list is endless.

Sedgefield Development Trust, Sedgefield Town Council and the Rotary Club of Sedgefield, are jointly responsible for this annual award. A member from each organisation plus last year’s winner will form the selection panel. The award is for the ‘contribution’ not the length of service, so it can be anyone of any age.

This award is treasured by those who have received it in past years, and makes the recipient feel valued by their community. The nomination form is enclosed in this copy of Sedgefield News, or it can be downloaded from SedgefieldWeb.

… And Sedgefield Young Citizen of the Year Award For the first time this year, a second award will be presented at the Annual Town Meeting in May. The Young Citizen of the Year Award is being introduced by Sedgefield Town Council, Sedgefield Youth Club and the Mayor of Sedgefield, Cllr Mavis Wayman, and will recognise outstanding contribution to the community by someone aged under 21.

In early March, full details of the new award, and how to nominate candidates, will be circulated to schools and youth organisations, and published on Twitter (@sedgefieldtc) and at www.sedgefieldtowncouncil.gov.uk.
Every first Sunday of the Month, on the village green, from 8:30am to 12:30pm.

In The News

Thanks from the Rangers
Sedgefield News Article
Sedgefield Rangers would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported them with their coffee morning in January which made an amazing £346.80!

Four girls from Sedgefield Rangers were selected by Girlguiding North East to go on international trips - Abbie and Katelyn are going to an International Camp in Canada; Jenny to an International Camp marking 100 years of Girlguiding in Bermuda; and Kate to Sri Lanka helping out with community projects. The girls have to raise lots of money! Over the last 3 months the girls have had stalls at Christmas events; played their brass instruments at Sainsbury’s; sold 169 sweetie quizzes; and collected over 200 bags of clothes.

If you would like to help the girls in their fundraising or would like to get involved with Sedgefield Rangers whether as a helper or as a Ranger (girls aged 14 to 18yrs), please get in touch with Marie Walker. Email marie.walker1992@gmail.com
Sedgefield Memory Café
Sedgefield News Article
In January we celebrated our first birthday, and what a fantastic year it has been. We have hosted numerous speakers, carried out a variety of activities and held several external events including a Strawberry Tea, an Open Day and a Fashion Show.

We could not have made it such a success without the generosity of businesses and individuals in the village and without the commitment of our clients, their carers and a dedicated group of volunteers. For that we thank you all. When The Alzheimer’s Society named these groups `Memory Cafés’ it was to convey the concept of a place where clients could attend with carers and together participate in activities or simply chat in a friendly environment. Clearly the cafés were never intended to be open to the general public on a casual basis; our café, therefore, is open only to those living with dementia and to their carers.

We offer a warm, friendly environment where they can come along, have a cup of tea and a piece of cake and enjoy the company of others. We also enjoy a varied programme of events including activities, entertainment and guest speakers. Should you wish to support us you can do so by attending out external events, by buying raffles tickets and / or donating prizes. You might also bake cakes, scones and pies or donate plants for our open event to celebrate Dementia Awareness Week which is in May.
Air Ambulance and St Edmund’s benefit from Sedgefield Treefest
Sedgefield News Article
Following this year’s highly-successful Christmas Tree Festival, the Team Rector of the Upper Skerne, the Revd. Geoffrey Short, presented a cheque for £1790 to Air Ambulance fund-raiser Joanne Murphy and a cheque for the same amount to Reader Michael King who helped lead the Church roof repair appeal.

Work is expected to start in the early Spring. The presentations were made at a social evening in the church for sponsors of the 47 displays which, said the Rector, had seen St Edmund’s ‘decorated in a marvellous way’ and was ‘a wonderful example of the community and the church working together in partnership”.
Do you recognise these men?
Sedgefield News Article
Mystery surrounds the identities of two men whose photograph has been discovered behind a dust-covered, framed picture in the bell-ringing chamber of St Edmund’s Church. Church members are keen to try and find out who they are. Anyone with information about the photograph is asked to contact Churchwarden Brian Mutch on 622302.
Down memory lane at the Manor House
Sedgefield News Article
Our first day at work always lives long in the memory and this is certainly the case for Bill Young who started his career at The Manor House on 29th January 1949. To mark the occasion Bill, now 85 was invited by current owner Ean Parsons along to The Manor House with his ex-council colleague Ralph Hall of Spring Lane, now 94 who started in 1941.

Ralph had taken the opportunity to visit The Manor House in 2016 to attend an event and noticing the old photographs in reception offered to put names to the one taken soon after World War II which Ralph dated as being from 1950. The information was recorded in ‘Hidden in Full View’, the history of The Manor House written and published by Ean Parsons in 2018.

The book has stimulated a lot of memories and discussion about the building during the days of Sedgefield Rural District Council and Sedgefield Magistrates’ Court last century – not the least between Bill and Ralph. Bill and Ralph came along for tea and scones in the Old Court Room along with their sons David Hall and Darren Young and discussed further reminiscences and memories as if they were yesterday – including the fire of 1947 and the names and roles of people and characters who occupied the various offices. They then took the opportunity to look around the building for the first time since the council transferred to Green Lane, Spennymoor in 1974.

Fortunately, The Manor House is very recognisable as the building where Bill and Ralph began work in the 1940’s. Bill went on to work in the finance office for Sedgefield District Council formed in 1974 while Ralph worked as Assistant to the Clerk to the Council of Sedgefield Rural District Council then Chief Administrative Officer for Sedgefield District Council. It was a visit enjoyed by everyone and the information provided by Bill and Ralph will be used to update the record of The Manor House.

Hidden in Full View is available from Ean Parsons at The Manor House by contacting 629264 or enquiries@manorhousesedgefield.co.uk.
No.1. Mam
Following the retirement of our Unknown Poet, we were contacted by a new poet. We have only managed to print the first part, but the full poem is on SedgefieldWeb. I’m sure many parents will relate to the sentiments.
We don’t understand how tough it can be,
It’s exciting, the planning, guessing what will it be?

And then they announce the sex of your child,
Still cute and cuddly, so quiet and mild.

You arrive home as a strong new team,
With plans to be perfect, your faces still beam.

This baby won’t want for anything at all,
And will be strong, intelligent, healthy and tall,
As you’re not going to feed it anything ‘’BAD’’.
No sugar or salt and they won’t be sad,
They’ll understand it’s all for the best!!
But the first night arrives and you’re put to the test…..

This baby won’t sleep, somethings not right,
You’ve kissed it and fed it and cleaned up it’s sh***.

This is not what it looked like in those books you have read,
With Mammy and Daddy peacefully in bed. Instead you are pacing until four in the morning,
And finally it sleeps and you can’t stop yawning,
You’re relieved they have settled and lay them in their cot,v Which cost you a fortune because the needed the lot,
The bumper, the sides, the duvet to match.
It all looks adorable but there is one little catch….
The baby, they hate it and won’t sleep alone,
You’re tired; they are grumpy and have started to moan.

How can it cry anymore in one night?
Is it hungry or tired? Is it too dark or too light?
You reach for the dummy, which is the first of your fails,
You didn’t want to buy it, it was just in the sales!!
All of a sudden you’re not No.1 Mammy,
She wouldn’t use the bad devils dummy.

It’s finally gave in and is asleep on your chest,
You didn’t mean to sleep you just needed the rest.
That’s fail No2 as you have fallen asleep with your child,
This was not in the plans which you and he filed.

And of course in the morning he wakes up bright.
You take one look at him and feel like a fight.
‘’had a nice night, while I was awake?’’
‘’your baby was crying while your sleep was all fake!’’

You know in your heart he is trying his best,
But you have to blame someone for failing the test.

One day you feel beave and attend your first group.
It’s full of new mams who sound like hens in a coup.
You think that these mams will understand your great struggle,
But instead they insist on letting you into their bubble,
They seem to have it all down to a tee…….
‘’last feed before bed and just one more at three!!’’
‘’straight back to sleep and no more until six!’’
You instantly feel you should be learning their tricks.
But how do they know just what to do?
And why do you feel they are all staring at you?
You take one more look and see that they are all trying,
It’s now that you realise each one of them is lying!

There’s no No.1 mam and everyone is guessing,
Everyone is studying so hard for this lesson,
So let’s not ask google or demand worded proof,
Let’s just be honest and all tell the truth.

It is hard enough with a new life to look after,
But you know that its right when you hear their laughter.

Relax and enjoy it and don’t try to compete,
Because someone is always there to tell you ‘you’re beat’.

Do what you think, don’t always stick to the rules,
As babies don’t come with instructions or tools.
But if we all pitch in and be truthful to others,
There is more chance these babies will have sisters and brothers.

Let’s not judge if they are on the bottle or breast,
Or use dummies, suck thumbs or use parents for rest.

No mam is perfect and no babies are the same,
We all try not to fail the parenting game.
If nobody picks faults I think we will see,
There is no No.1 Mam but we could be as close as can be.
Rachel Lewis, Sedgefield