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Sedgefield Neighbourhood Watch (NHW)
Sedgefield News Article
Needless to say, we must be able to raise funds if we are to achieve anything with Neighbourhood Watch and therefore, we would like to offer our sincere thanks to all of those generous people who attended our Coffee Morning on 31st May and helped to make it a roaring success. Special thanks must go to our NHW group and other volunteers including the Police who worked hard to ensure that everyone had an enjoyable time.

In response to kind feedback and requests, we promise to hold another similar event in the future.

We are especially grateful for some tremendous raffle prizes which were donated by the following local businesses: Betty’s Boudoir, G Bolam Foods, Sainsbury’s, CO-OP, Parkhill Garden Centre, Sedgefield Pharmacy, Dun Cow Inn, Peridot & Tickety-Boo.
So, what will we do with the funds raised?
· It is our intention to purchase summer and winter packs that can be loaned to residents and which will contain security devices including lights, timers and CCTV.
· We will renew the NHW signage within the Village.
· We will acquire NHW window stickers and leaflets.
· We will acquire personal attack alarms, Faraday cages and purse bells to pass on to residents either free of charge or at a heavy discount.
· We are incorporating Farmwatch and will be acquiring security marking for farm equipment.
Next Events
Please come and see us at the joint Police/NHW stand at Sedgefield Show on 10th August where you can explore the latest fully equipped 4x4 police vehicle, and be locked in the new police van as a prisoner. (Release is available for a small fee.)
Joint NHW/Police Initiatives
We are working with Police to develop a joint Social Media page to provide easy contact for residents and encourage the sharing of information. Farmwatch is also to be re-launched in due course to support our local rural community against crime. If you are interested in contributing ideas to any of these please attend our meeting on 10th July or contact PCSO Amy Jorgeson at amy.jorgeson@durham.pnn.police.uk
Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)
Unfortunately, this seems to be the scourge of modern society and Sedgefield is no exception. Sadly, Police have had to issue Community Protection Warnings to some Sedgefield residents. This is a process that can lead to a fine of £2500. Recent incidents have occurred outside Sedgefield Co-op and in Sainsbury’s store.

If you are a victim or a witness of ASB, support is available through the Safe Durham Partnership which is a joint venture between Durham County Council and police, social services and housing providers which does not tolerate, and is committed to tackling, ASB. To report ASB ring Police on 101; Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111; Durham CC on 03000 261 000 or report online at www.durham.gov.uk; click on ‘Do It Online’ then in the ‘More Services’ ribbon click on Anti-Social Behaviour.
In each case all information is confidential. Please lock up, stay safe and sleep well.

Local Police: Call 101 to report concerns, seek advice or pass on information. Always keep notes and ask for an incident number.
Crime Prevention Officer: Rona Stocks. rona.stocks@durham.pnn.police.uk
Police Community Cohesion Officer: Faye Callan. 101 Extension 742317. Faye.callan@durham.pnn.police.uk
Confidential email address: John.lamb@durham.pnn.police.uk.
Any information we receive will be developed and acted upon.
Main tasks to focus on over the next few months:-
🌿 Undergrowth clearing around the trees - by slashing weeds and leaving the weeds as mulch or by pulling weeds and removing them from the base of the trees.
🌿 Pulling the plant competition from out of the plastic sleeves e.g grass, nettles.
🌿 Litter picking.
🌿 As undergrowth gets bigger, clearing pathways among the trees is useful.
Can you help?
Please contact woodland@sedgefielddevelopmenttrust.co.uk for more details.
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Community Life

Steve’s Nature Diary
Steve’s Nature Diary
As I write this article, it is exactly half way through the Wildlife Trusts’ 30 Days Wild Challenge and so far, I have managed to do something wild every day, and I hope to continue this to the end of the month. One of the suggestions that came up whilst I was checking the 30dayswild app was to visit a nature reserve you have never been to before and that’s what I am planning to do one evening this week when the showery weather stops and things warm up. The reserve is Durham Wildlife Trust’s Black Plantation near Lanchester which is now important for a particular species of butterfly that may still be on the wing in early July – the Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary.

Populations of this butterfly have been in decline and in 2000, there were only three known sites left, a decline attributed to changing climatic conditions, changes in land use and degradation of existing breeding grounds. Durham Wildlife Trust’s Heart of Durham Project, with support and funding from Northumbrian Water, was set up in 2010, with the specific aim of reversing the decline of the butterfly.

Through a collaborative approach with landowners and farmers, Butterfly Conservation and Durham Wildlife Trust, as well as the dedication of trust volunteers, areas where the butterfly was once common have been restored through scrub removal and planting of marsh violets, the larval food source. Nine years on, the project can now be hailed as ‘re-wilding success’.

Back in 2014, Black Plantation was chosen as a site to reintroduce captive-bred Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary butterfly caterpillars. From the initial 170 caterpillars released, today, five years on, the colony there has increased three-fold. A new interpretation board has been erected on the reserve all about the butterfly in memory of Harry Eales, who died in 2017 aged 74 years, who played a key role in recording butterflies in County Durham.

It is a very pretty butterfly; similar in size and habitat to the Pearl-bordered Fritillary but is more widespread and occurs in damper, grassy habitats as well as woodland clearings and moorland. The adults fly close to the ground, stopping frequently to take nectar from flowers such as Bramble and thistles. It can be identified from the more numerous whitish pearls on the underside hind wings, the outer ones bordered by black chevrons and from the larger black central dot. You can find more information about this and other local Wildlife Trust reserves by searching with your post code at www.wildlifetrusts.org/nature-reserves. You too can visit a nature reserve new to you! July is a good time for watching butterflies and you can take part in the big butterfly watch www.bigbutterflycount.org/ which starts on the 19 July as a way of making your records count.
Farmers Market News
Sedgefield Farmers Market News
Sunday 7th July from 8.30am
Another market full of excellent produce, including Ashlands Nursery, who didn’t make it last month because of a breakdown on the way here. Let give him our support. We also expect DZ Circus School back - fun for anyone passing by!

The Charity stall this month will be Durham Deafened Support, and there’ll be lively music from the colourful Ceddesfeld Ukulele Band.

To contact the Market, use: farmers@sedgefielddevelopmenttrust.co.uk - and for the Charity stall & Music: charitystall@sedgefielddevelopmenttrust.co.uk

Our "Sedgefield Farmers Market" reusable bags will be on sale again to help you avoid single use plastic. Find them on the SDT stall. DON’T FORGET TO GO GREEN WITH ONE OF OUR FAB NEW JUTE BAGS!
Homework Help
Sedgefield Farmers Market News
In [exam] season and out of season, Homework Help continues to... well, help people with their homework! Groups meet regularly in the library on Thursday and Friday evenings. If you'd like help or can offer help, please contact homework@sedgefielddevelopmenttrust.co.uk or find us on Facebook - even if we are nearing the end of term. We particularly need some help with KS3 English and maths but knowledge in any subject is always good to add to our repertoire. We'll take a break over the summer and start again with gusto in September.
Woodland & Wildlife
Sedgefield Farmers Market News
Spring has Sprung!
Over the past couple of months our volunteers have spotted a wide variety of flora and fauna emerging on site. A small group went out at dusk to see if the bat house was in use. We were delighted to see some bats appear from their luxury accommodation, we believe they were common pipistrelles, but further investigation is needed to confirm.Sedgefield News Article
There have been many birds observed including buzzard, kestrel, oyster catcher, reed bunting and white throat. We have also spotted common blue butterflies, red tailed bumble bees, shield beetles, red and black frog hopper and small tortoiseshell caterpillars. We plan to continue carrying out wildlife surveys, so we can monitor the impact we are having onsite.
If you would like to be part of any surveys or would like to get involved with any other aspect of the Woodland and Wildlife Project please contact us at woodland@sedgefielddevelopmenttrust.co.uk or join our Facebook page; Woodland & Wildlife – Sedgefield. Thanks to Rudolf Reichel for the photos.
Ceddesfeld Hall: Home of Sedgefield Community Association
Sedgefield Community Association News
SCA are looking forward to the Beer Festival on Friday 5th (7pm) and Saturday 6th July (6pm). We’ll have real ales from a range of breweries and this year we are pleased to include the beers, ‘Gudders Gold’ and ‘Dark Side of the Moo’, produced by Hopper House Brew Farm. There are also 3 fruity ciders, BBQ food both nights, well as entertainment from Lol and Maxine on the Saturday evening from 8pm to 11 pm. Look out for posts on the SCA FB page for more details of the beers and the fantastic local sponsors who are keen to support community events. If anyone would like to volunteer help (collecting glasses, serving beers, BBQ cooking) please get in touch as below / email info@sedgefieldsca.org.uk.

On Saturday 3rd August, from 1 to 3pm Ceddesfeld Hall will be open for a Family Games Afternoon, with garden games and sports activities (and possibly a bouncy castle), suitable for younger children. Families are welcome to bring a picnic and enjoy a relaxing afternoon on the lawns and grounds. This is a free event and the bar will be open.

Sedgefield Folk Festival weekend begins on Friday 7th Sept. Ceddesfeld events begin with an evening of ukulele music featuring Ceddesfeld Ukulele Band, Lol and Maxine Crallan and others. Tickets £5 from Lol Crallan on 01740 621729. On Saturday (7.30 pm), The Old Age Travellers feature in an Open Mic a great (free) evening of varied music from local folk singers as well as visitors from further afield. These are just two of the many events at the hall and across the village. Check Sedgefield Folk Festival website for more details.

Sedgefield Book Ends has grown from the small beginnings two years ago. The Literary & Arts festival begins on Saturday 28th September and runs until Saturday 19th October. There is much, much more information to come and we’re looking forward to a varied and exciting programme, with something for everyone. Find out more through the Sedgefield Book Ends 2019 Facebook page as well as the SCA website.
For more information on Ceddesfeld Hall events, regular activities, room hire and bar opening times, contact Wendy on 01740 620206, Pat on 01740 620607, Sarah on 01740 622185. Visit us on Facebook or see the SCA website, www.sedgefieldsca.org.uk
Straight from the Horse’s Mouth!
How amazing is this, that a horse like myself, could make such an impact on ‘Sedgie’.
Just by leaving a ‘prize’, which some would advise, is essential for growing great ‘Veggie’.
My manure is just pure, and contains only grass, and herbs from the field where I roam,
but most humans will know, that when you’ve got to go, you’re not always near to your home.
I don’t have a choice and I don’t have a voice so going on the spot is a must,
but my owner is clear that I stay on the road where my prize can be naturally lost.
But my biggest surprise, coming back from my ride, was a ‘prize’ which was left at my home.
I am pleased to say that the culprit is known, and his mug shot is now on my phone.
Neighm withheld
A stitch in time…
I am looking for unwanted sewing machines (in working order) that could be donated to a refugee centre in Thornaby. So many of the women are feeling extremely anxious and depressed and are not allowed to find employment whilst awaiting permission to remain in this country. To be able to sew would give them purpose and a sense of achievement. Anyone willing to donate their unused machines could you please contact me on 620897. Thank you so much on their behalf. Chris Mills, Sedgefield
Sedgefield Memory Café - May Open Day
On behalf of the café we would like to thank all of those people who contributed to making the day a great success. A special thanks to both George Bolam and Sedgefield Co-op for their generous donations of food etc.; to all our Volunteers, the Firefighters and the Rangers for their hard work on the day; and last but not least to you the people of Sedgefield for coming along and supporting us. Thank You Dorothy, Carol, Jill and Andrew
Christian Aid Week
Thanks to the generosity of people in Sedgefield, Bradbury & Mordon, we are delighted to report that a final total of £4073 was collected. This amount will be increased by £399 from Gift Aid and by £220 given at the Good Friday Procession of Witness. A grand total of £4,692 will go towards improving the lives of some of the world’s poorest people.

Thank you to our team of dedicated collectors, who gave their time and effort to this very worthy cause. After delivering the envelopes our collectors endeavour to call back twice, however it is not always possible to catch everyone when they are at home. We are sorry if your envelope was not collected. Margaret & David Glass
Please email your details