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Sedgefield News - September Edition

Sedgefield Show

The 163rd annual Sedgefield Agricultural Show was held on Saturday 13 August, and was once again a roaring success. Among this year’s attractions were Vintage Vehicles and Tractors, Arts and Crafts, a Dog Show, Show Jumping, Trade Stands, Fairground rides, live music and various tents which boasted horticultural products and livestock competitions. This year the show featured over 1000 horses and 900 dogs, as well as cattle, sheep, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, pigeons and cockerels. Show Chairman, Ian Mason, explained that this year’s Show was focused on youth, and as such featured activities to engage young people throughout the show. “We want to focus on the Youth because they’re the future,” said Ian.

There was plenty to keep young people engaged during the show, including competitions hosted by Sainsbury’s, animal petting and Fairground rides. In the trade tent, children could listen to stories, design their own pizzas and sample various sweets, all provided by Sainsbury’s, partnered with their Charity of the Year, The Ellen Timney Foundation.

“This is the third year Sainsbury’s has been at Sedgefield Show, and it gets bigger and better each year. This year we are here with The Ellen Timney Foundation, which provides specialist equipment and toys for children. It’s all about brand awareness and what Sainsbury’s can do for their local community,” said Steve Thompson, General Merchandise manager at Sainsbury’s Sedgefield.

One of the core elements of the Show is the judging of produce and livestock, on both showing and working qualities, which was again a prominent feature. Prizes were awarded to the best flowers and vegetables; to the animals that exhibited the best qualities; and to the winners of the various dog and horse shows that took place throughout the day.

“I think it’s great that the show takes place in Sedgefield, and I know that people would miss it if it wasn’t here,” said Gladys Graham, who entered her birds into the Small Livestock competitions. “I compete weekly and Sedgefield Show is a good one to be at,” said Mrs. Holmes, owner of the Pyrenean Mountain Dog Lisjovia ‘Slick as a Whistle’, which won Best of Breed and the Open Class competitions.

Prizes were also awarded to entrants that produced the best quality plants and vegetables, a competition which Phil Goldsborough, a first time entrant, dominated in, winning various awards. “I’ve staged a few things today and won. It’s a great atmosphere. We’re in a time where shows like this are dropping like flies, so it’s good that Sedgefield continues to support their show.”

Joint secretaries of the Horticultural Tent, Pat Hull and Ann Mason added: “This part of the show has been very successful for four years, and it gives you such a buzz. It’s hard work, but it’s satisfying and enjoyable.”

Even if the Agricultural aspect of the show did not appeal, there were also other attractions for people to enjoy, such as a collection of Vintage Cars on display, including a classic Mini Cooper, a Triumph Stag, and a Cadillac, among many others. Alan Cansfield, owner of the vintage 1972 Stag , explained that the vintage car part of the show is always popular: “There’s vintage cars here every year and just looking at how many people we get stopping by and speaking to us shows how popular they are. The Show is well organised and you can see by the traffic how busy it gets.”

Sedgefield once again enjoyed a successful Show, and there is no doubt that people are looking forward to continuing the village’s heritage at the 164th Annual Show next year.

Jake Graham

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